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App Tracking

An in-depth tracking setup is required to get a good overview of your mobile marketing campaign performance. Furthermore it is essential to gather all relevant KPIs of your app.
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Mobile CRM

With well-targeted and relevant retention marketing campaigns (mCRM), you can convert occasional app users to loyal customers that generate additional revenue for your business.
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App Marketing

Performance-Marketing is the foundation of all activities to increase user awareness for your app and to acquire new customers. We guide you through the jungle of ad-networks, RTB and fraud.
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Using deeplinks you can accomplish complex routing mechanics for your app, just like regular URLs work on the web. This ensures a seamless flow between mobile web and app for your users.
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Being the SEO for apps, ASO is key for your app store appearance. We help you with app-store-optimization (ASO) and show you, how to maximize visibility and in-store-conversion-rates for your app.
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App Analytics

Precisely track the entire in-app-behavior (and lifecycle) of your customers with a proper app analytics setup. This will enable you to make meaningful product and marketing decisions.
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What we do

Others only talk about it - we execute:
Hands-on guidance for all topics around mobile app marketing, analytics & technology

We are providing a service that goes beyond just consulting. What we do with our clients is usually a combination of covering all relevant technical topics, conception of the actual setup and hands-on help with connecting everything afterwards. This enables our clients to make full use of the tools we help implementing.

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Experienced mobile product and project manager with a passion for all technical topics around apps as well as mobile CRM.


Seasoned app marketer with years of hands-on experience in the fields of app analytics, tracking and media buying.

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