8. Oktober 2018


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Mobile Industry

Apple & Google: The game changers?

Spring has just sprung and both Apple and Google started the season with huge announcements that might change the gaming industry. Arcade and Stadia are about to become the two biggest gaming platforms.

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Psychology of App Fraud
Mobile Ad Fraud

What is the motivation behind mobile ad fraud?

As app technology advances, so are ways of cheating the system and wasting advertisers campaign budgets on fake app installs. According to Adjust, the rate of fake app-installs, clicks, attributions and other mobile

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Cross Device Matching Web und App Data
Mobile Analytics

Cross-Device Matching of Web and App Data

Consumers jump from one device to another, interacting across apps and websites. Recognizing users across multiple channels, devices, and touchpoints, then stitching that information into a full dimensional profile is tricky. Understanding customer

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