11. April 2019

Marketing Services

What we offer

App Store Optimization

Being the SEO for apps, ASO is key for your app store appearance. And that is where we help out. We support you with app-store-optimization (ASO) showing you how to maximize visibility and in-store-conversion-rates for your app.

Performance Marketing

Performance-Marketing is the foundation of all activities to increase user awareness for your app and to acquire new customers. We guide you through the jungle of ad-networks, RTB and fraud.

Ad Design

Static or animated display ads, social ads for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn - We provide any kind of digital advertising media. We create effective digital ads that you just have to sign off. Of course we update creatives regularly depending on their performance.

Retention Campaign Management

Driving users to download and install an app is just one side of the coin. Engagement campaigns are equally important to foster economic success of your app. Often they are even cheaper than UA campaigns. We tackle user churn with effective retention concepts and campaign optimization.

"It all starts with a strategy - but doesn't end there. We don't cut corners and outsource our work. We don't leave our clients hanging once their marketing strategy stands and provide a full app marketing service"

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