2. Oktober 2018


Hands On.
No Buzzword Bingo


We'll define your App Marketing Strategy. Customized with fresh food for thought. Our consulting communicates with you exactly where you are.


Keyword analysis, providing textual assets or optimizing visual elements such as app icon, screenshots or preview videos: We got you covered.

App Tracking

Tracking concept, consulting on and helping you with the selection of tracking tools, initial setup and the subsequent QA. What can we help you with?

mobile CRM

Supporting you with your mCRM campaign concept and choosing the right provider. And much more. How can we help you today?


Whether you need a helping hand for your deeplinking concept or guiding your developers during the QA: We're happy to be part of the game.

App Analytics

Media buying, app retargeting or detecting potential fraudulent traffic. Together with you we'll develop the right strategy for your mobile analytics.

Product Management

Keeping on top of everything while acting as a bumper between developers and the rest of the world? We got you covered.

UX & UI Design

App Design that doesn't only look chic but captivates in terms of usability. We consult on all things design related. Let's tackle this.


We love to share our know-how among your team. ASO, mobile CRM, App Tracking or mobile analytics? Where does your mobile shoe pinch?