2. Oktober 2018

We are Customlytics

To the point.

Others only talk about it – we execute. Since 2016 Customlytics provides a service that goes beyond just consulting on app marketing.

Our idea of advising clients incorporates a combination of covering all relevant technical topics as well as concepting the actual technical setup. The icing on the cake: We offer hands-on guidance along the way. Whether you’re a renown brand or a startup, our team will empower you to make full use of the tools we help implementing and improve your overall marketing activities.

Sometimes you need to stay on top of the mumbo jumbo and ambiguity within the mobile industry. That’s why our desire is to grow into a trustworthy partner for our clients. A cooperative relationship, trust and transparency are not buzzwords but a legit goal for us. Our ambition is to cut through the noise in order to deliver efficient app marketing strategies. We seek to communicate with our clients in a clear way to improve the lifecycle of their mobile apps – honesty included if we see something going wrong. Instead of just being an extended arm of your in-house team we want to empower you to hit the ground running on your own with your app marketing.

Got a challenge for us?

We are ready to take your app marketing up a notch. With 0% Buzzword Bingo