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Our experienced project and product managers support continually improving your product, while our UI/UX team will be happy to help and advise you on how to create world-class user experiences.

Product Analytics

A proper product analytics setup precisely tracks the entire in-app-behavior (and lifecycle) of your customers. This will enable you to make meaningful product and marketing decisions. We provide expert data and analytics analysis capabilities.

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Product A/B Testing

App updates can be tested live against each other using A/B testing,. The evaluation is based on data and takes your KPIs into account. We help you to select the best solution for your users and give guidance in setting up a suitable test concept.

UX & UI Design

App Designs has to be more than eye candy. Good usability and better customer experiences equate to better outcomes for our client’s apps. We are happy to provide support and implement your UX and UI requests. Certainly in accordance to your brand specifications.

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BI/Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence provides your stakeholders with all sorts of useful, accessible and interesting data if you know what you’re doing. You will be able to identify trends early on, understand and plan your marketing investments. We will brace the data Bermuda-Triangle with your team.

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We help guiding product roadmaps in the right direction. Instead of sitting in an ivory tower we develop really useful solutions together with our clients.”