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MAMA Board by AppsFlyer: Scaling eCommerce App Marketing with Dynamic Product Ads


Listen to Customlytics‘ Co-Founder Christian talk about overcoming challenges in paid advertising for eCommerce apps with dynamic product ads (DPA). He will walk you through what needs to be done to make the most of dynamic advertising in order to acquire new users and retarget existing users for your app. You will learn which technical setup is needed to run DPA and why your marketing team should start working with DPA today!

Personalization: Too Much or Too Little? That’s The Question! #GROWTH Europe 2020

How do you leverage analytics and automation to scale personalization across the customer journey? And how do you make sure to get guidelines correct? In this webinar at #GROWTH Europe 2020, mobile marketing experts from Customlytics, MoEngage, Berlin Brands Group, Delivery Hero and Project A discuss personalizing engagement with users, approaching consent from users and the future for 3rd party cookie data.

How to get ROI with TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok advertising has become a key channel for performance and brand marketers looking for a new route to market. At the TikTok Marketing Strategies Europe 2020, Customlytic’s Christian Eckhardt discussed app marketing strategies on TikTok with marketeers from the mobile industry.

The mobile user retention tech stack with Peggy Anne Salz, John Koetsier and Christian Eckhardt

In this episode of Retention Masterclass, our CEO Christian Eckhardt is talking with the hosts Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier about “CRM” for mobile, the tech that supports it, and messaging formats and channels that help.

Podcast: Business of Apps: User Acquisition with Christian from Customlytics

Listen on: Business of Apps

In this episode of the Business of Apps Podcast, our CEO Christian Eckhardt has a chat with Artyom Dogtiev about user acquisition. He shares practical advice on how to choice user acquisition channels, UA campaign optimization, how to add a new channel right and more.

Podcast: Leveraging Dynamic Product Ads to Grow Your App with Remerge & Customlytics

In the newest episode of the Apptivate Podcast from our friends of Remerge, our CEO Christian Eckhardt is explaining the process of setting up Dynamic Product Ads to you.

Successful Web2App Retargeting Strategies to Enhance Your Performance Marketing Stack

In this video (German language), mobile experts from Customlytics, Remerge, Adjust and AboutYou will uncover the best way to optimize your app performance and experience through retargeting that syncs with your web strategy. It’s app retargeting, demystified! You will learn how to align your Web & App retargeting strategies. Also, we touch on the topic of Cookies vs. IDFAs: legal distinctions & implications to be aware of.

How 7Mind Recorded a Massive Uptick in App Installs & User Activity with MoEngage and Customlytics

In this video you will learn how 7Mind recorded a massive uptick in user activity, installs, and all other KPIs they track during from March to May 2020. Together with Mike Barclay from MoEngage and Marta Fogl from 7Mind, we talk about acquisition and whether brands should continue to invest in ads and how to prioritize channel-spend for ROI. Last but not least, we’ll take a look at when to launch campaigns, how consumers react, and how to meaningfully engage them.

The Advanced CRM Guide to Growthwith Leanplum and Customlytics

In this webinar, you will learn how to continuously stay on top of your CRM game. Customlytics, Leanplum, Project A and Too Good To Go have come together to compile their years of experience into one informational virtual live session. The experts will be discussing interesting areas of CRM together, with our CEO Christian Eckhardt focusing user retention and giving you advice on how to battle low user retention.

*To watch this webinar, click here. You must complete the registration form to gain viewing access.

The New Rules of Marketing Engagement: On-Demand & Delivery with Clevertap & Customlytics

Join Customlytics, our friends from Clevertap and some of today’s foremost marketing leaders as we discuss how they navigate the on-demand and delivery landscape amid a time when #stayathome is encouraged. This webinar is part of an 8-part live video series by Clevertap on the New Rules of Marketing Engagement produced by Peggy Anne Salz and hosted by John Koetsier

Know what to measure - How to use multiple analytics for mobile apps with WGU & Customlytics

Integrating a product analytics tool to your current mobile marketing tech stack setup is a great addition to drive a more powerful mobile marketing strategy, but getting it right can feel daunting.​ What tools should you be evaluating? What questions should you be asking?

Integrating Product Analytics in Your App Marketing Strategy with Customlytics & Mixpanel

Analytics are important. But many product managers still don’t understand what data should be measured to tell the real story of their product. In this online seminar with Jonas Kurzweg from UXCam and Mark Waddoups from WGU, we discuss how to set up and use product analytics tech stacks and give you useful insights into the world of data analytics for mobile apps.

Podcast: Setting Up Your Marketing Tech with Christian Eckhardt from Customlytics

Marketing tech infrastructure is the foundation of mobile marketing. But, sometimes choosing the right tech deck can be a challenge. Christian shares his expertise on considerations for building your marketing tech infrastructure.

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