Maximize opportunities for the fifth quarter: A guide for app marketers

Author: Steffen Meyer, Mobile Marketing Content Specialist

It’s Christmas Time and wise app marketers are now executing their pre-planned seasonal campaign strategy. However, some still miss significant opportunities in the period after Christmas Eve, known as the “fifth quarter”.

The “fifth quarter” lasts until the beginning of January but it isn’t just a time frame; it’s a mindset.

Before Christmas, people think about what they want to buy for others, after Christmas Eve they think about themselves and the new year. And that’s where clever app marketers need to focus.

We already outlined in our blogpost „Make the most out of seasonal app marketing in 5 easy steps“ how to plan, structure, and execute a successful seasonal campaign. Here, we want to focus on what to watch out for during the fifth quarter.

Social Selling for those sitting on the sofa

In this period, app marketers should especially advertise on social media. 

A study by Snapchat reports an increase in social media usage and a surge in app downloads after December 24th. It seems that after stuffing their bellies and having enough conversations with family members, people want to relax, disconnect, and enjoy some me-time with their smartphones and favorite content creators.

Therefore, app marketers should focus on social selling during this time, with content that captures this mood. 

According to data by Meta, the cost to reach people (CPM) drops significantly more than the conversion rates (CVR), meaning advertisers can reach purchase-friendly people for less money, resulting in a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

This data comes from Meta’s handbook „Post-holiday, peak performance – Go beyond the holiday period to unlock new sales opportunities“, which offers more tips on how to advertise on Instagram and Facebook during this time. But if you really want to maximize the effect of your paid campaigns, you need to get your ASO-UA choreography right and customize your Mobile Measurement partner.

Evaluate content creators and influencers

In addition to paid campaigns, try hiring content creators and influencers. According to Marketing Dive, “Influencer marketing spending will rise roughly 3.5 times faster in 2023 than social ad spending will”, with influencers becoming the “key entertainers of their generation”. Meta offers a whole playbook on the topic named “Get future ready with creators on Meta”.

Develop creatives according to trends and moods

But whether it’s a paid or influencer campaign, when developing your creatives, you should meet people where they are:

  • Advertise sales and discounts for shoppers looking for bargains
  • Promote self-gifting for those who received gift cards or money for their holidays
  • Show opportunities for being grateful for those who want to give back to their community

Probably the most obvious mood you can tap into is New Year’s resolution. However, be aware that according to a poll in the US, New Year’s resolutions are increasingly seen as outdated, though Millennials and Gen Z are still interested in setting goals for themselves – they probably just don’t call it resolutions. 

Furthermore, the motto „New Year, New You“ may still be valid, but it’s not associated with consumerism. According to another report, the message “New Year, New You” was the worst-performing message for retail marketers, with more and more people prioritizing mental health over physical changes. 

Keep both in mind when getting creative for your Q5 campaign.

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