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Steve Jobs once said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Mobile apps function as tools for users in their daily life – and in terms of design, less is sometimes more. The first impression counts and a bad user interface design that doesn’t take the mobile usage context into account will skyrocket your app’s usage bounce rate.

An exceptional mobile user experience (UX) will ignite the spark with the first contact. Together with app publishers, we can optimize essential aspects of the UX. We make sure that the user interface (UI) design of your app is visually pleasing and, at the same time, user-friendly. Certainly with a UI & UX project, we refer and adapt to the respective operating system guidelines of Google and Apple.


UX Research: Understand, analyze and discover

Our first step is always gaining understanding and knowledge. The key to a successful UI design is a clear approach, strategic decisions, and a detailed product roadmap. Know your users and respond to their needs. We dig deep in this phase to know everything possible about your users, their behavior and their usage context. Using various methods such as audience analysis, user research, and customer journeys, we can outline the existing usage and touchpoints of your mobile app. In this phase, we also want to understand our client’s company vision and project goals.


From idea to user-centric UX concept

Moving along, we draw insights from the research implications when drafting the UX design. The draft concept incorporates all strategic considerations from the research phase. The question guiding us in this phase is, whether the application satisfies user expectations or needs further optimization.

The goal in this phase is to arrive at an information architecture that makes an experience genuinely satisfying for your users. The focus here is on user flows and screen sequences. How many screens does the app actually have and how do they follow each other? Optimal user guidance is our focus here – certainly matching the business model of your app.


Making decisions based on the UX strategy

Before we approach the user interface design, we introduce a UX prototyping. This is about the early visualization and iterative optimization of a user interface. Basically, we establish a blueprint of your app based on the user interface concept. With a clickable prototype, our clients can apply adjustments even before undesirable developments occur.


User Interface Design

Now it’s time to get down to business; transforming the final UI concept into a sophisticated UI design. These can be documented wireframes or even a fully designed interactive prototype. Our standard for a successful app is an attractive and functional layout. Certainly, taking your individual CI guidelines and design specifications into account. Furthermore, we pay attention to the characteristics of your user group for intuitive handling, optimal usability, and the best possible user experience.

Together with our clients, we develop an individual UI/UX strategy and, advise and support your design needs. No matter if you want to develop an existing product or build a new design project from scratch, Customlytics is here to work at the highest of standards to produce a high-level design result.

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