Gain active and loyal online shoppers with 5 fundamental strategies

Author: Steffen Meyer, Mobile Marketing Content Specialist

Selling online has become vital to maintain market shares, especially on mobile: 

80% of people who shop in a physical store, use their phones, and 55% of all eCommerce is done on mobile. 

But this isn’t only a technical revolution, it’s a customer revolution as well. Online retailers, also called E-Tailers, need to think beyond just selling products and create a customer experience that consists of multiple steps before and after the purchase. 

This increases the ever so important Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) which also increases your Return on Investment (ROI), because keeping an existing customer costs five times less than acquiring a new one. 
Together with our partner Batch, the next-generation Customer Engagement Platform, we introduce you to five concrete strategies that will help you boost your CLV and thus your ROI.

1. Encourage users to opt-in to push notifications

Push notifications are an effective way to pull users back to your app. But on iOS – and soon on Android as well – people have to actively allow apps to do so. 

To increase the opt-in rate, you should set-up an opt-in campaign (also called push primer). It informs users about the added value of your push notifications, their type and their frequency before finally asking for the user’s consent.

This way, users can make informed decisions and they will opt-in more likely than without such a campaign. For best results, the start of the campaign can be scripted. This could be the first launch of your app or after the user took a key action.

2. Ease user acquisition with great ratings and reviews

Your app rating is vital to naturally stand out in overcrowded app stores. It not only influences search result ranking but also download rates: While 96% of users are likely to download a 4-stars or more rated app, this rate drops to 50% for a 3-stars and 15% for a 2-stars rated app.

To improve your rating, you should ask your most engaged and satisfied customers to leave a review. For best results, trigger the question after the user performs a positive action within your app, letting them review your app with a smile.

Batch’s In-App messages allow you to experiment with a wide choice of templates.

3. Create maximum engagement with trigger campaigns

One of the fundamentals of digital marketing is sending the right message at the right time. With trigger campaigns, you can link certain messages based on an action by a user, fulfilling this prerequisite to the max. 
For example, when someone starts a specific search, you can immediately send a message with content tailored to this very search. Right message, right on time. According to Batch, these trigger campaigns are very effective, even beating the good old e-mail marketing.

4. Win back abandonists with push notifications

A whooping 85% of shopping carts created on mobile are abandoned. Reasons for this are too complex purchase funnels, excessively high additional costs, compulsory account creation or unclear pricing. 

But behind each abandoned cart is a potential loyal customer, so don’t give up hope. Maybe all they need is a personalized message, reminding them that their cart is still standing in the virtual store, ready for check-out. 

A little push notification, triggered by an abandoned cart, might just do the trick.

5. Get loyal customers and turn them into ambassadors

After the purchase is before the next one. With this simple rule in mind, you should continue nurturing your customer after check-out. For basic retaining methods, send “Thank you” messages for placing an order, provide order tracking and congratulate users on birthdays and anniversaries.

To increase stickiness to your brand, offer a loyalty or reward program and invite power users to exclusive sale events. With referral programs you may even incentivise them to advocate your service, effectively making them ambassadors.

There are more methods to reduce user churn, and Batch offers you an easy way to employ a variety of them.

Keep your eye on the funnel

Each advice falls into a different stage of the marketing funnel and it’s important to maintain a good overview of the various stages. That is why we created the Marketing Master Map which you can grab here totally for free. Also check out Batch’s blog with loads of news, case studies and How-Tos.

Our partner Batch will join us at our second Berlin Mobile Marketing & Growth Meetup this year to discuss the latest trends in the mobile space. We are looking forward to welcoming you on October 6 to the Remerge office space here in Berlin. Register here now!

Batch is the leading European CRM platform that allows brands and media to communicate with their clients via digital channels. Experts in push and web notifications, Batch will soon enable marketers to address their clients via email and sms channels, too. The personalization features, real-time data, and ease of use make Batch the modern marketer’s top choice. 100% European, 100% GDPR compliant.

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