Testing TikTok’s AI Video Script Generator

Author: Steffen Meyer, Mobile Marketing Content Specialist

TikTok released an AI video script generator in their creative suite: You just select the industry, enter the product’s name, a description, a few keywords and decide on the format and how long the video should be. Then, the AI spits out a script for you.

Is it worth it? Well … no.

To test its capabilities, I selected the industry “Food & Beverages” and wanted the AI to write a script for a „Tropical Fusion Fizz“, which is “a refreshing and invigorating drink that combines the vibrant flavors of tropical fruits with a touch of effervescence.” As the format, I chose “Unpacking” with a length of 15 to 30 seconds. This was one result:

First of all, it’s not much of unpacking video, it’s just a generic ad script that would pop to mind in any round of marketers thinking about promoting a drink called “Tropical Fusion Fizz”.

I switched the format to “product testing” but the result was basically the same: A straightforward video script that lacks any originality:

But maybe the AI just needs more info? Here’s what happened when I added the ingredients of said drink:

It just enumerated all the ingredients. That’s not only uncreative, it’s just bad writing.

But I already hear the typical AI argument “But it’s a good start on which you can build upon!” – well sure, it’s not nothing but ChatGPT can not only do the same but it is actually the way better tool for this. 

I gave it the same task as TikTok’s video script editor and its output easily competes, if not beats the one of TikTok’s tool, especially considering how well the AI implemented the ingredients.

And the great thing about ChatGPT is that you can easily tell it to alter the script in certain ways. It can make the script more funny, put a touch of Alice in Wonderland in it or make the protagonists speak like Pirates – there are infinite possibilities. And these possibilities can take you on a creative journey that lets you end up with a script that’s not just a TV ad from the 90s.

A general take on the dawning AI era

Company’s around the world are pumping out new AI tools every day and social media is full of crazy stories about what AI can do. And admittedly, these are great tools (who do you think came up with the “Tropical Fusion Fizz” drink? ChatGPT did).

But when you work with them every day – as I do with AI text creation tools -, you experience their limitations and get more and more critical. In the end, I use them for certain tasks only, like brainstorming, fine-tuning or writing simple texts that require no complex thought or research, since AI can’t be trusted due to hallucinations.

But to me it feels like that there are more people talking about AI than actually using it on a regular basis, which is well-reflected in this Instagram Reel. 

This results in companies feeling the need to have their own generative AI in place, which could be the main reason behind the creation of TikTok’s new AI tool as well. Though just because it’s a new tool, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a better version of what already exists.

While AI tools certainly increase marketing teams’ productivity and transform the industry (read more about possible long-term effects here), you need to have experts that follow the development and put new tools to a test and not just blindly utilizing AI tools that pop up. So reach out to our consultants at Customlytics and have a chat with them.

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