App marketing is changing – these 3 expert tips help you deal with it

Author: Steffen Meyer, Mobile Marketing Content Specialist

A group of online marketing experts (watch this video from 29:30 onwards) shared their knowledge and predictions on what online marketers should start, continue and stop doing, at the Mobile Growth Summit 2022. It was valuable advice that helps to prepare for the changes of the app marketing world. 

To let you quickly absorb this information, we digested the most important pieces into three main points:

1. Question your data

“We should stop blindly trusting and comparing figures that you cannot really trust anymore”, said Customlytics CEO Christian Eckhardt. He referred to the changes in the attribution world because of privacy initiatives by big players such as Google, Meta or most (in)famously Apple with ATT and SKAd Network.

Due to these changes for example, Google’s and Facebook’s metrics are both modeled, which basically means they are based on educated guesswork (watch this video by Google to get the gist of it). “There are many more examples”, Christian said. “But all in all you should stop comparing data without questioning it.”

Instead, you should look for the actual conversions in your funnel if you can still track them and not so much rely on data by external sources. Bruna Borges de Oliveira, Head of Performance Digital Marketing at the e-commerce company Mercado Libre, added quite pointedly: “If you believe in data, you are doing something wrong”.

2. Look at more than just conversions

Anthea Muller, Director of Business Development and Marketing at the news app Upday, stressed the point to look at more than just conversion numbers. 

Some companies don’t even know all the features their Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) has to offer and ignore key metrics such as retention rate. “They just look at the downloads,” she said. But what good is it, if many people have your app installed but don’t use it?

She advised to focus on the customer lifetime and thus prevent spending money on features or platforms that actually barely anyone uses.

Customlytics CEO Christian agreed with having a good focus on customer loyalty and added that marketers should look beyond traditional performance and paid online marketing. He underlined the need for a well-thought out customer journey. 
“Put yourself in the customers’ shoes, look at every step in the funnel and think about how you would like to be communicated to”, he said. To easily follow up on this suggestion, we recommend our Marketing Master Map that you can grab here for free.

3. Get creative with videos and user-generated content

Even if you have the best data, all is lost if you don’t get creative with your ads. Bruna from Mercado Libre emphasized one of the key trends in online marketing in 2022: “Invest in videos.” 
Anthea from Upday is eager to experiment more with user-generated content. An advice that Christian surely liked to hear. In a podcast, he talked about Customlytic’s success (here’s a case study) with this kind of ads and said: “They are cheaper and they work better. So why would anybody still stick to old school ads?”

Don’t stop believing

The general sentiment of the podium was that times for app marketing are changing, that marketers have to adapt but it’s no use sticking your head into the sand. “Accept the changes and know how to deal with them”, said Christian. “The solution is not to stop online marketing.”

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