Cheat Sheet: Alle Kanäle im Griff – So erstellt man ein Marketing Dashboard


Maartje Eijlander
BI Lead

Isabella Zulli
– Former Design Lead at Customlytics

Creating the right digital marketing dashboard is a difficult process. Your marketing dashboard should provide a general campaign overview to track the overall performance results of marketing campaigns and assess to what extent targets are met. Beyond that, it also should deliver a detailed look at campaigns to identify which campaigns are impactful (or not). There is no doubt that the impact of a thoughtfully designed dashboard is crucial to the consumption of information and insights of your company’s stakeholders. 

In this cheat sheet, Customlytics’ Business Intelligence team shares best practices around dashboard organization and design. 

What is your biggest challenge in providing an at-a-glance view that quantifies the overall impact marketing has on your mobile business? We have helped many app marketing teams and product owners create a marketing dashboard that is useful and adds value to their company and stakeholders. Check out some of the brands we are proud to have worked with.

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