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A technological infrastructure is the base for success in mobile marketing and is therefore imperative. We make sure that the right tool decisions are made from the get-go and that everything is implemented correctly.

Attribution Tracking

An in-depth tracking setup is required to get a good overview of your mobile marketing campaign performance. Furthermore it is essential to gather all relevant KPIs of your app. Tracking concept, selection and integration of attribution tools – What can we help you with?

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With well-targeted and relevant retention marketing campaigns (mCRM), you can convert occasional app users to loyal customers that generate additional revenue for your business. Whether it’s coming up aCRM campaign concept or choosing the right software tool, let’s tackle it together.

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Using deeplinks you can accomplish complex routing mechanics for your app, just like regular URLs work on the web. This ensures a seamless flow between mobile web and app for your users. Our support encompasses deeplinking concepts and guiding your developers during the QA.

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BI/ Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence provides your stakeholders with all sorts of useful, accessible and interesting data if you know what you’re doing. You will be able to identify trends early on, understand and plan your marketing investments. We will brace the data Bermuda-Triangle with your team

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As with any successful building project, you need an architecture and structure for a successful app project before pumping money in the construction"