We are Customlytics

We are a Berlin-based full-stack mobile technology and marketing consultancy. We cover topics from tracking, analytics, mobile CRM and deeplinking, to ASO, UI & UX design and performance marketing.

Meet the team

Founded in 2016 by Raul and Christian, Customlytics has grown to be a diverse crew full of international flavor. Our team is made up of data & analytics addicts, to technology experts, design buffs and content enthusiasts. It takes a range of know-how, experience and personalities to provide the best guidance for our clients across the spectrum of mobile app marketing. We help apps grow and our team culture is no exception. Our focus is to develop talent and to nurture the next experts in the field of mobile app marketing.

We’re driven by our diverse teammates and their broad insights from a range of industries. That’s how we create ideas, stay curious and motivated to deliver measurable business value. Every deep linking concept we create, tracking setup we build or App Store video we design is tied to that objective.

Christian Eckhardt

CEO / Co-founder

Raul Truckenbrodt

COO / Co-founder

Laura Spikermann

Head of Client Services

Alexander Dominik

Paid Media Lead

Linda Harnisch

Chief of Staff

Daniela Mikeli

Technology & Data Lead

Adrian Kasprzak

Mobile CRM Lead

Sascha Biedermann

Head of HR

Olga Romanko

Marketing Consultant Lead

Nataliya Tonenka

Senior Marketing Consultant

Marian Redecker

Marketing Consultant

Giselle Silvestre

Marketing Consultant

Daria Romaniuk

Marketing Consultant

Temar Seife

Marketing Consultant

Titiksha Shetty

Associate Marketing Consultant

Sarah Noack

Associate Marketing Consultant

Kerem Krahn

Associate Marketing Consultant

Maryna Romaniuk

Marketing Analyst

Clif Vogler

ASO Specialist

Sebastian Wirges

ASO Associate

Piero Lopalco-Steffens

Mobile CRM Specialist

Raziya Rahman

Mobile CRM Specialist

Yasemin Altinok

Mobile CRM Specialist

Renata Romano

MarTech Specialist

Claudia Stia

Marketing Technology Specialist

Patryk Kucharzewski

MarTech Trainee

Aleksandra Maskiewicz

App Marketing Trainee

Xinyi Hu

Paid Media Specialist

Sakshi Gupta

Paid Media Specialist

Anastasiia Ivanova

Paid Media Specialist

Rinaldi Yudakusumah

Paid Media Specialist

Angelika Kucińska

Paid Media Associate

Van Phan

Paid Media Associate

Muhammad Shaukat

Paid Media Trainee

Mustafa Hassan

Paid Media Trainee

Alexander Bihn

Communications Manager

Maartje Eijlander

BI Specialist

Raj Khona

Junior Data Analyst

Sachin Jain C.S.

Junior Data Analyst

Juan Santibanez

Senior Graphic Designer

Josefine Hernes

Graphic Designer

Leonie Schmidt

Graphic Designer

Klaudia Maskiewicz

Junior Graphic Designer

Nora Garcia

Junior Graphic Designer

Martin Holte

Operations Manager

Sonja Fatehi

Junior HR Generalist

András Németh

IT Help Desk

Sophia Mehlhausen-Franks


Our milestones


The fundamental idea of launching a boutique consultancy, focussing on mobile marketing technology and analytics is born. Christian and Raul are shaking up Delivery Hero’s app marketing at that time.​

Christian and Raul officially register the company called Customlytics on the 10th of May, 2016 (one day after Christian’s 22nd birthday). They start off working from Raul’s home but soon move to their first “proper” office, a small room in a co-working space next to Potsdamer Platz.

The Customlytics business gains traction and popularity for the unique combination of mobile marketing & technology knowledge. Christian and Raul take action and set the foundation for a bigger team by renting out a larger office at Schönhauser Allee by the end of 2017.

Recruiting is in full swing. By the end of 2018, Customlytics has already grown to 11 team members in all areas of Consulting, Operations as well as Business Development. More clients are added to the portfolio and soon enough, office space is running out! The office hunt has begun yet again.

The company moves into a bigger office at the beginning of the year and adds more members to the team. The graphics design department is expanded with UX and UI experts. Our first mobile marketing conference is happening (Mobile Education Day) and by the end of Q3, team lunches are already becoming difficult to manage in the office that the company moved into just a few months ago.

An unexpected crazy year dominated by a worldwide pandemic. Nevertheless, Customlytics records the most successful financial year in the history of the company. This is due to the acquisition of the leading mobile tracking agency mscale.io, as well as continued rapid growth in new clients (+50%) and employees (+20). The next office move is inevitable - towards the end of the year, Customlytics opens yet again another office in Prenzlauer Berg.

Yet again, the company moves into a bigger office in Berlin Friedrichshain to adapt to our growth. Customlytics reaches 50 employees as well as the most successful financial year in the history of the company.
Attention to detail and optimization in 2022

We were faced with a globally challenging year in 2022 but we met it head-on, mastered all that was thrown at us, and kept growing. Our team expanded further and grew in diversity and skills. Our expertise was not overlooked; we were finalists for six awards and were awarded “Best Practice” by TikTok.