Attribution Tracking

A customized app tracking concept in combination with the right technology provider lays the foundation for any kind of app tracking measure. Only then may you keep full control of the performance of your advertising campaigns and gather the necessary KPIs which allow you to run relevant marketing activities in the first place.

App Tracking allows you to purposefully access the ad inventories of renowned providers such as Google AdWordsFacebook or Twitter. Within the actual App Tracking Tool, you may generate extensive reports on the user behavior inside your app, as well as reports on the performance of your ad campaigns.


Operationalization of in-App User Behaviour

Modern Mobile App Tracking providers depict the entire conversion funnel – starting from the ad click (or view) to the actual install, to in-app events (user behavior) and finally the conversion event (e.g. purchase). Operationalization is essential to base insights and decisions on the return on investment (ROI) of each user. Complex fingerprinting methods allow tracking providers to attribute a user to the advertisement that generated the lead (as opposed to the app store which does not reveal the source of the install).

App Tracking is in many ways related to other technical components of the app. One example would be deep links, which are defined within the app, and can be used as part of a tracking link if the set up allows it. The user can then be seamlessly linked to the right page within the app after clicking on a marketing banner. Moreover, it is essential for all insights generated within the app analytics tool, to create a link to the campaign tracking in order to also consider the source of the user (= install). When setting up mCRM activities you may also want to use the install information to target users based on the source they were coming from.


Choosing the Right Tracking Provider

There are currently four big players which dominate the market:

All of them have their own specific strengths and weaknesses (features, innovations, technology, pricing..). Therefore, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach for each app. Ultimately, the choice should be synced with your overall marketing strategy (focus on paid social, in-app advertising, mobile web..)

We can help you understand the basics (appropriate choice of tracking provider based on your app-specific needs, support when it comes to contract negotiations, SDK integration and so on). Moreover, we are happy to create a comprehensive and customized tracking concept, that helps you collect and analyze all relevant metrics in the long run.

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