Data Privacy in Mobile Marketing: Contradictory or Complementary?

Data protection is one of Germany’s fundamental rights. For a long time, however, the main focus of mobile app users was not on this. In the early years of mobile marketing, when the app industry was “booming”, users consciously or often unconsciously accepted the disclosure of their data to always be up to date with the latest technology and apps.

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Why TikTok’s new ad formats are beneficial for your business

TikTok is continuously releasing new features that can be leveraged by Marketers as it’s turning into the most innovative place for ads among marketers. Just a few weeks ago, the app delivered yet another new feature out of beta that is assisting with overcoming the gap between influencer marketing and traditional paid ads.

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Why mobile users are addicted to Story Ads

At this point, marketers have taken notice of this trend and will continue to leverage it to their advantage. The question is: What makes this content so popular, easily digestible, yet valuable content in order to leverage it?

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