Mobile Customer Retention Management (mCRM)

Once your customers have been acquired it is essential to develop a sustainable, long term relationship with them. Since acquisitions are usually costly you want to keep your customers enthusiastic about your app in order to retain them in the long run. Similar to traditional marketing approaches, Mobile Customer Relationship Management uses lifecycle campaigns to target users with relevant and entertaining communication.

Automated and purposefully targeted campaigns allow you to address your users in every stage of the life cycle; starting from prospect and engagement stages, to subsequent loyalty, churn and win-back stages.

Traditional channels such as email and SMS are complemented by new mobile channels such as push notifications and in-app campaigns (e.g. in the form of banners or full-screen interstitials). Additionally, Browser Push Notifications are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to reaching digital native target groups.


Personalization and Segmentation within Mobile Communication

In order to be able to create long term relationships with your users, it is recommended to personalize communication as much as possible. App usage patterns, as well as individual user preferences, may serve as guiding principles when creating relevant messages. Customlytics is able to help you identify those indicators and utilize them within your mobile campaigns. Our overall aim is to establish a data-driven communication concept that is based on true user insights instead of poorly made assumptions.

Custom designed targeting plays another important role when it comes to the pillars of your mCRM success. We support you in defining the key attributes of your customers in order to ensure your messages reach the people they’re written for.

Last but not least, timing is an important element in the campaign creation process, which is often overlooked. Depending on your campaign’s objective you may want to choose between a scheduled send time, a recurring automated campaign or individually defined events that trigger a communication. API connections allow external events – e.g. interactions on your website – to act as designated triggers exactly the same way as in-app events.


Choosing The Right Provider

Mobile CRM has experienced a tremendous boost within recent months and mCRM businesses sprout up like mushrooms as a consequence. Well established providers include:

We support you not only in finding the most suitable provider for your needs, but also in creating an extensive mobile campaign strategy.

The most important aspect when creating this strategy is the immaculate definition of attributes and events. Only an attribute & event scheme that includes all relevant data allows you to purposefully target your campaigns and create the corresponding segment. We are happy to help you define the right scheme that fits your needs.

Moreover, you may reach out to us for recommendations when it comes to all kinds of other mCRM related topics such as boosting your push opt-in rates or creating campaigns to optimize app store ratings.

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