Business Intelligence

“Data is the oil of the 21 century” has become a popular soundbite to highlight that the world of big data is here to stay. Having a valid data infrastructure in place is the foundation for successful app marketing. As a further step, we recommend refining your collected data to gain new insights from complex data dependencies which will, therefore, raise the quality of your marketing activities.

At some point in the app lifecycle, mobile teams experience tremendous growth in the amount of data collected. Processing and organizing this ever-growing pile of data suddenly becomes extremely tedious. Having a neat and clear data visualization strategy in place is crucial for making data-based decisions.

Business Intelligence provides your company’s stakeholders with important KPIs. Your channel owners, product and marketing manager will receive a solid base to act upon. They will be able to identify trends early on to improve the planning and execution of marketing activities.


Establishing a scalable business intelligence strategy

In a joint effort with your mobile team, we will develop a strategy for your BI solution. Having a profound strategy in place will empower your business and enhance your technological advantage over competitors. We will guide you all the way from establishing a BI concept, to collecting, integrating and analyzing data.


Choosing the right tools for data collection

At first, we will evaluate which data you need to collect. After an evaluation of your recent data infrastructure, we will consult with you on possible software tools in order to take your data collection up a notch. Furthermore, we will assist with the technical implementation of your chosen tool, which will allow you to use the data from the get-go.


Data warehousing for an improved data analysis

Many companies squander a great deal of potential if they don’t consolidate data from various sources. We support your data warehouse development based on Google Cloud technology and Amazon Web Services. Getting ahead of your data analysis will guide you tremendously in order to reach profound decisions for your app business.


Visualizing data to reach marketing success

We endeavor to reduce the complexity of your data. This includes a sound and clear visualization of data for your company’s decision-makers. Your CTO requires a different base for action than your product or marketing manager. Data visualization software such as Tableau or Google Data Studio will enable you to explore interconnections and generate new insights. This will enable your data to become tangible and enhance communication with your stakeholders.

Together with our data analysts and data engineers, we will brace the data Bermuda-Triangle with your team. In order to reach success with Business Intelligence, we will guide you in increasing the structure and visibility of your app-data-analysis.

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