SKAdNetwork for App Marketing

A guide on post-iOS 14.5 mobile attribution and measurement.

In 2021, Apple launched its new IDFA and SKAdNetwork requirements with the rollout of iOS 14. For the first time ever app publishers have to gain consent before they can share the IDFA with third-party partners. 

Have you embraced Apple’s final piece of privacy puzzle yet? We know change can be daunting. Customlytics’ free guide on all things SKAdNetwork will navigate you through this uncharted territory.

SKAdNetwork is on track to become the future of measuring mobile ad campaigns without IDFA. The guide covers questions such as:


How do SKAd Network and ATT work?

What are the limitations of ATT and SKAd?


How does attribution tracking work after opt-out?

How do I customize ATT prompt?

Interested in a SKAdNetwork deep dive ?

Customlytics’ Marketing Tech team can help you achieve your app marketing goals in the era of ATT. Contact us if you want to grow your business with marketing technologies for your app products.

Raul Truckenbrodt