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How a proper ASO setup makes you stand out against the competition


BVG Jelbi is a Berlin-based urban mobility service whose role is to revolutionize city transportation with Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). The brand prides itself as a one-stop solution. With the Jelbi app, users get one account for all services. The multimodal mobility app offers all transport forms of shared mobility. Users can find, book, track and pay for a transport service directly in the mobile app without redirecting them to anywhere else. All means of transportation are supported with the various partnerships that BVG has established with other service providers like nextbike and Tier Mobility. Jelbi aims to simplify access to shared mobility and support the switch from motorized private transport to shared mobility. Thus, the brand constantly encourages users to make use of public transportation – a much more environmentally friendly way to travel in the city. At Customlytics, we believe in sustainability as well, and we admire Trafi, the team behind the MaaS solution, and BVG for supporting a good cause with the Jelbi app. We wanted to help promote their app organically, with App Store Optimization (ASO). Because the app is relatively new, it’s app store assets and keyword strategy were still fresh. This provided a rather unique opportunity to structure from scratch a firm foundation for long-term organic app growth strategies with a perfect setup. To do this, we did the following:
  • Keyword optimization: We discovered and selected the most valuable and relevant keywords for the app to rank for in search results, and tried to make it rank as high as possible for them.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO): We researched and developed effective communication strategies using the app’s app store screenshots to persuade those who see it to install it, thus increasing it’s conversion rate (CVR).
Because the story this time is about a good initial setup for ASO, there is no AB testing. If you’re interested in AB testing, check out our cases of COUP and CodeCheck!

The problem:

Our biggest challenge was the new concept of Mobility-as-a-Service behind the BVG Jelbi app that not many people were aware of. In a way, the app was unique in the market, at least in Berlin. This made it absolutely necessary to communicate what the app does and stands for uniquely to users with clarity and simplicity.

The next challenge on our desk was how to make such a simple, straightforward and ordinary kind of app look and sound remarkable. This would predominantly require some visual storytelling genius for the screenshots. The key, in the end, was to avoid making users think BVG Jelbi was just another mobility app – it isn’t.

Finally, with the broad range of transport options that it offers, the app is relevant to a very large number of high-volume mobility-related keywords. This was an opportunity that we must capture.

To protect our client’s sensitive data, we won’t reveal the keyword strategy here. However, we’re more than happy to show you our progress with their screenshots. Here’s the original set:

The solution:

To make the app stand out and appear superior to the rest of the market, we decided to be up-front with the idea that the app offers all transport options in one place where users can book and pay directly and showed this right on the first screenshot. We also showcased the well-known brands that our client partners with to gain more trust. What’s more, we employed a very modern design approach with multiple instances of pop-up UI to make sure users get to see what needs to be seen – the better UI of the app and the points of interactions they get access to after installing it.

Taking those points into consideration, we crafted a new set of screenshots that were meant to make a difference for BVG Jelbi. Here’s how they look in the App Store:

The Play Store followed a near identical structure with only slight changes to the messages and quantity of screens. This is because we wanted to customize the screenshots for each of them and avoid making the mistake of showing 2 different groups of users in 2 different stores the exact same thing. iOS users are often different from Android.

The results:

For the screenshots, we saw a near-instant uplift of 41% in CVR (store visits to downloads) after changing the screenshots on the App Store, and about 5% on Google Play. On average, this was a 23% growth in organic CVR.

For the keywords, even though we can’t share which keywords we included in the project, we could already share a 80% uplift in search visibility in the App Store:

For the Play Store, the result was more humble, at an 8% growth rate – but still a win:

On average, this was a 44% improvement in organic keyword performance.


With a firm foundation for ASO, BVG Jelbi is now ready for the real work – on-going ASO optimization. We know more challenges remain ahead, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of the little achievements we’ve made to keep motivated, including:

CVR Uplift
+ 0 %
Organic Visibility Uplift
+ 0 %
Environmentally Friendly
App Supported
+ 0
Happy Client
+ 0
What we managed to help BVG Jelbi with was important, but it’s just a small piece in app marketing. In cases like this, we recommend running AB tests for long-term CRO as well as performance marketing campaigns to boost the awareness. Check us out to see how we can help you in AB testing and performance marketing as well!

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