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It is a complex task to guide users through the process of registering and setting up their smart home with a gateway (e.g. Telekom router or Home Base) and smart devices, while at the same time making them loyal and regular users of the app.

With the Magenta SmartHome app, smart devices and systems from different manufacturers are connected and controlled centrally with just one app – effortless and very convenient.

App updates have created further possibilities for the innovative use and communication of the app. The SmartHome app is very easy to use: using the app as a remote control, whether by voice control or via scenes and rules automated through the app. The basic app is available free of charge: it does not include subscriptions, nor require payment information or in-app purchases. Certain smart devices may require an upgrade to Magenta SmartHome Pro for €4.95/month. For Telekom router rental customers, the pro version is included as part of the router rent.

The Objective

The goal was to successfully onboard as many users as possible. An onboarding process that requires an action outside of the app (connecting devices), must effectively inform users about these steps. Users also need to be guided properly through the steps so that they will use the app regularly and enjoy all its features.

The solution

Customlytics created five onboarding flows for the SmartHome app. Although the app is free, a major obstacle before implementing the onboarding flows was that the app can only be used if users are registered. The registration process involves setting up an account and connecting the necessary hardware, such as a gateway and at least one smart device. Only then are users able to use the full range of functions of the app. This process can be unfamiliar to users and requires guidance and communicative support.

If this technical support is not given the registration will be very time-consuming and complicated. There is a great risk of users abandoning the onboarding process prematurely and possibly losing customers forever because they won’t do this process again.

For this reason, Customlytics has developed a personalised communication flow to give users a smooth start into their active Magenta SmartHome experience.

The results

Here are the conversion rates of the five flows over the entire runtime:

The flows have been successfully guiding many users through the Magenta SmartHome app. Apart from being reminded to perform actions, a large number of users who logged in then connected their gateways, set up their first smart device. They succesfully initiated the setup of their SmartHome – based on the onboarding flows set up by Customlytics.

This shows that the users received a Call2Action at the right point within the registration process, providing the relevant information on their current situation. The conversion rates show that the users correctly understood the next steps required.

As a result, Customlytics has been able to further develop process automation, customisation, and A/B testing at highly efficient and analytical levels.


We continue our successful partnership with Telekom and their new cloud-based smart home system in their app MagentaZuhause  (Google Play / App Store) with an extended, customised strategy that Customlytics will implement.






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