3. September 2016

Performance App Marketing

Performance Marketing lays the necessary foundation when it comes to expanding your customer base and raising awareness for both your product and your brand. Media Buying for this purpose (i.e. user acquisition through the purchase of app installations) can be a very complex and time-consuming endeavour – depending on your marketing strategy and the overall market situation. There are a multitude of potential traffic sources which can be categorised roughly into Paid Social (Facebook, Twitter..), RTB (Real-Time Bidding) as well as traditional in-app ad networks (AdMob…). In any case all of those marketing measures require a decent Tracking-Setup within your app.

Different Types of Mobile App Traffic

Paid Social
Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are usually on top of mind of the majority of Mobile Marketing Managers when it comes to setting up Performance Marketing Campaigns for their apps. Naturally, the consequent demand is reflected in the prices of an install through those networks. Therefore it is essential to efficiently target and optimise one’s campaigns so that they stand out of the flood of marketing campaigns the users are confronted with every day.

RTB (Real-Time-Bidding)
A new trend when it comes to app marketing is the increasing rise of RTB platforms as well as providers which are specialised in acquiring app installs through the big SSPs (Supply Side Platforms). Special algorithms as well as machine learning play an important role when it comes to identifying the right moment to bid on a user and therefore win the auction.

Ad Networks (in-app/non-incent)
Traditional ad networks which are directly connected to a great number of publishing apps still represent the largest source of in-app traffic. Unfortunately, they represent the most in-transparent traffic source at the same time – tracing the actual source of the acquired traffic is an impossible endeavour in most cases.

Successfully Retargeting Customers

User acquisition by itself isn’t enough. Once your app registers thousand of installs you should immediately consider how to re-target your newly acquired customers. Meaning, to target existing app users with the help of so called re-marketing providers (deeplinking allows us to re-direct the user back into the app). App Retargeting should be used supplementary to your existing mCRM campaigns and target users which do not engage with push notifications or haven’t opted in in the first place. It therefore allows your to ensure that costly acquired users keep on using your app.

The Risk of Fraud in Mobile Traffic

There are many different types of fraud when it comes to acquiring mobile traffic (bot networks, click fraud, claiming of organic traffic..) and some of them are difficult to identify. Therefore it is essential to keep an eye on the most common indicators of fraud when acquiring traffic. We are happy to provide further recommendations on how to spend your marketing budget efficiently and make sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

We support you in developing the right strategy for your app marketing, consult you on the most reliable and lucrative traffic sources and help you minimise losses due to fraud. In addition to that we are happy to provide an extensive training in all areas of app performance marketing in order to allow you to effectively manage your own future media buying.

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