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Automating the process and customizing communication through push campaigns (Flows)

Increase the use of the Telekom Smart Speaker and its skills with targeted communication.

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The Telekom Smart Speaker is a convenient voice control for your home. The accompanying Hallo Magenta app helps users set up the Smart Speaker. Users can use voice control to control various things such as MagentaTV or check the latest news, take calls and much more – all with their own voice. In this case study, we talk about the Mobile CRM strategy, especially push notifications, that Customlytics created for the Hallo Magenta app.

The Objective

The Hello Magenta app makes it easy to set up and operate the Telekom Smart Speaker. The Smart Speaker is a convenient voice control for a smarter home. Users can use their voice to check the weather forecast or the latest news, listen to the radio, take calls, turn down the TV programme, dim the lights in the living room and much more – all with their own voice.

The long-term goal is to increase the use of the speaker with the help of the app as an interface for setting up and additionally operating the speaker. The customer journey-specific goal is to accompany users individually when setting up the speaker and to point out functions that they have not used before. With the help of process automation, personalization, workload reduction, time efficiency and engagement, users receive a combination of relevant and targeted push and card notifications.

The solution

We have designed automated push campaigns (flows) to accompany users on their individual journeys with the Smart Speaker and to familiarize them with the product.

The results

By implementing flows, users receive the communication that suits them, more information about the skills they are interested in, and the support they need to set up their smart speaker. In this way, we have increased the relevance of the communication and increased the use of the speaker. The results were significantly higher click-through rates (+50%) of push notifications, as well as higher skill usage.

Flows are widely used by brands to engage with customers throughout their lifecycle. It enables brands to tailor cross-channel customer journeys based on their actions, preferences, and so on. This product is fantastic because it allows marketers to create journeys without having to code anything; it's as simple as dragging and dropping, allowing them to smartly execute campaigns in no time while focusing on other important matters.

– MoEngage Team


With Flows, a trigger-based series of push notifications was activated. The flows we designed allow us to send customised information to users with the right timing and to create a user-specific customer journey.
What makes this campaign special?

• Automation of the process

• Personalization

• Increased app satisfaction
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We continue our successful partnership with Telekom and their new cloud-based smart home system in their app MagentaZuhause  (Google Play / App Store) with an extended, customised strategy that Customlytics will implement.






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