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Increasing sales with an engaging push campaign


With the Magenta SmartHome app, smart home devices and systems from different manufacturers are connected and controlled centrally with just one app – intuitive, easy to use, and extremely convenient.

With constant innovations and constant app updates, more possibilities and an even more customizable app were provided. With the Magenta SmartHome app, smart devices and systems from different manufacturers are connected and controlled centrally with just one app – effortless and very convenient. The app is provided free of charge: It does not include subscriptions, does not require payment information and in-app purchases. 

In this case study we’ll be talking about the sales campaigns that we have been running for the SmartHome app user.

Since the performance of the monthly newsletter, created by our client and sent to their customers, decreased, the sales numbers of their online shop decreased as well. Therefore, the challenge was to draw the user’s attention on the right channel at the right time with exclusive offers and the most appealing and influential wording. 

(Those campaigns can be very helpful and necessary for a big number of clients. However, they can also be irritating for customers. There is a risk of losing users or of receiving negative reviews regarding the communication in the App and Play Store.)

After all, those campaigns are giving the user the opportunity to expand their SmartHome with affordable smart home devices and to benefit from the full functionality of the app. Furthermore, they prolong the usage of the app. That is why the Customlytics team implemented a structure of biweekly promotional campaigns together with the client.


The goal was to implement regular sales campaigns that support an increase of revenue of the external SmartHome online shop (

Long-term Goals:

Developing mobile CRM into a stable branch that supports the sales strategy of the SmartHome online shop and the engagement with the SmartHome App as the users are adding their new smart devices to their smart home.

Short-term Goals:

Supporting an increase of revenue.


In order to achieve the goals, together with the client the Mobile CRM team created and implemented sales campaigns in a biweekly rhythm. For those campaigns the focal points selected for improvement were: the offer, the pricing, the timing, the wording, the design and the exclusivity for the client.

Before kicking off with the sales campaigns we had a look at the most successful weekdays and timings for sales in the SmartHome online shop.

The client provided us with a new offer on a biweekly basis, which had been created together with their stockists. In order to increase the number of products sold from the beginning, the products have been sold in bundles. The customer had the chance to buy three items of the same product for one price with a discount that went up to 70 %.

Each campaign was created with a card for the newsfeed in the app and a push notification. For the copywriting we focused on catching the attention and interest of the user. Since the amount of products available for each campaign was limited, we created a sense of urgency in the copies. With messages like “Nur für kurze Zeit!”, or “Nur noch heute!” we informed the potential customers that they might miss out if they delay. Thanks to MoEngage and their stylized push notifications feature, we could highlight important information in the notification in bold and cross out the old/higher price of the product.

For the visuals of the push notification we have been focusing on product shots to draw attention to just the product. We have mapped the available product three times to visualize what the customers can gain for their money spent. By making the offer only available for four to five days, we increased the exclusiveness and limitation and therefore the desire to buy it immediately.

By using the Card feature as a second channel for the campaign, we had the ability to incorporate more content and information on the product/offer into the newsfeed of the App. MoEngage developed a customized Cards Beta-feature specifically for Telekom. News and customer communication that beforehand could only be shared after an update of the app, could now be shared with the user in real time. For the sales campaigns it also gave us the opportunity to reach users that had opted out of push notifications. 

Another beneficial campaign aspect regarding the Card is that within it the user can find all of the information on the duration of the offer as well as the link to the landing page of the online shop. This allows the user to complete the order process on a second attempt, if they don’t click the push notification or decide to to carry out the order process at a later time.

Here are examples of push notifications for the biweekly sales campaigns that we have been running since May:

1. Awox LED-Lampe:
Headline: 3-für-33€-Aktion 💡💡💡 Subline: Hol dir jetzt 3 SmartHome LED-Lampen für nur 33,00 € statt 89,97 €
2. Tür-/Fensterkontakt
Headline: 3 Tür-/Fensterkontakte für 60 € 🏡🪟 Subline: Spare 50 % und hol dir 3 Tür-/Fensterkontakte für nur 60,00 € statt 119,97 € 🤩
3. Heizkörperthermostate
Headline: Heizkörperthermostate 3 für 99 € 🏠🌡️ Subline: 3 Heizkörperthermostate für 99 € statt 149,97 € 🤑 Jetzt 33 % sparen ✅ Nur für kurze Zeit!
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A/B Testing

The flows have been successfully guiding many users through the Magenta SmartHome app. Apart from being reminded to perform actions, a large number of users who logged in then connected their gateways, set up their first smart device. They succesfully initiated the setup of their SmartHome – based on the onboarding flows set up by Customlytics.

This shows that the users received a Call2Action at the right point within the registration process, providing the relevant information on their current situation. The conversion rates show that the users correctly understood the next steps required.

As a result, Customlytics has been able to further develop process automation, customisation, and A/B testing at highly efficient and analytical levels.


The goal was to run successful sales campaigns in order to support the increase of the revenue of the online shop. In particular, to achieve the KPI which has been individually set for each campaign, based on the products that have been available.

Here are the conversion rates of the push notifications of the best performing biweekly sales campaigns that we have been running. The conversion rate is calculated by the number of sold products in relation to the clicks on the push notification:

The campaign – (26.05.22)

Awox LED-Lampe has a very good conversion rate of 8,9 %

The campaign – (07.04.22)

Tür-/Fensterkontakt has a very good conversion rate of 11,7 %

And the campaign – (17.07.2022)

Heizkörperthermostate has a very good conversion rate of 9,2 %

(As a reference: an ordinary SmartHome promotional campaign that we did before starting the new rhythm, only had a conversion rate of 1,5 %.)


All of the campaigns were very successful with confirmation and acknowledgement by the client. Four out of six of the sales campaigns have sold out before the campaigns duration ended as no products were available anymore, although the number of available products has been increased from the beginning. Revenue increased accordingly.

Success of the Sales Campaign

The highest conversion rate is 11,7%.
Over 20.000 products were sold.
Daily App-Visitors increased by 384%.
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What we were able to additionally measure is the constant Clicks and Click Rate, which means that of the users who clicked on a sales campaign and landed in the SmartHome online shop, 70.45% also clicked the latest sales campaign and are interested in upcoming campaigns. In conclusion, we have successfully introduced push notifications as a reliable and stable sales channel.

This shows that we figured out how to alert the user at the right time, with the right notification including great offers.

Thanks to the Mobile CRM tool MoEngage it was possible to create stylized push notifications easily. It also allowed us to implement highly efficient A/B testing into the campaigns successfully.


We continue our successful partnership with Telekom and their new cloud-based smart home system in their app MagentaZuhause  (Google Play / App Store) with an extended, customised strategy that Customlytics will implement.






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