Elevate Your Writing: Unleash Excellence with ChatGPT’s Power

Author: Steffen Meyer, Mobile Marketing Content Specialist

What do you think: How would ChatGPT rate the headline of this article?

Test it yourself: Put the headline into the AI Tool together with the prompt “Rate this headline”. What’s the score? In our test, it received a perfect 10/10, but that’s only because we instructed the AI to generate a 10/10 headline. However, on your system, it’s likely to receive a lower score since it lacks our prior conversation context.

Due to the nature of ChatGPT, ChatGPT doesn’t always agree with ChatGPT and its advice and ratings have to be taken with a grain of salt. 

However, you can still use it to improve your writing, since it challenges you and gives constructive feedback. As with any feedback of course, you do not have to oblige blindly.

Using ChatGPT to improve your writing is kinda like having a sparring partner – a sparring partner with a much larger vocabulary than anyone, probably even Eminem.

Use this advantage of ChatGPT to refine your texts by copy-pasting parts you like and ignore the ones you don’t. Here are some prompts that will help you with that.



“Rate this headline: [Your HEADLINE]”

“Improve the headline to a 10/10. Make 10 different suggestions.”

“Make them academic / colloquial / funny / less salesy …”

Repeat the last prompt several times. You may not get the perfect headline out of it, but you will get inspiration for words you didn’t think of. This is especially helpful when not writing in your native language.



“Add subheadings to this text and make them bold: [INSERT YOUR TEXT].”

“Give 10 variations for each subheading.”

“Make them more witty / shorter / metaphorical …”

Normally, this will give you a large amount of choices which can be copy-pasted.

Text in general


“Rate this text: [INSERT YOUR TEXT]”

“Improve this text to a 10/10.”

“Highlight your changes in bold.“

“After each paragraph add another paragraph in brackets and italique containing the original paragraph.”

When following these prompts step-by-step (entering them all at once leads to ChatGPT forgetting some of them), you should get a nice before-after-version of your text, without having to use the compare function of Word or Google Docs. This way, you can go through your text and copy-paste the suggestion if you feel they fit.



“Add Emojis to this text: [INSERT YOUR TEXT]”

“More! / Less! / Different ones!”

This may save you some time, since you don’t have to scan through the Emojipedia to find the fitting images.

Structure your thoughts

Prompt: “Put these thoughts into a coherent text: [YOUR TEXT]”

Sometimes, you just want to get out all your research and thoughts on a topic but you don’t know how to structure it. ChatGPT can help you with that. Just write down everything, as incoherent as they may be, and tell the AI to make sense of it. This can help you to structure your text.

A few Don’ts

  • Don’t use ChatGPT to create content from scratch. It will make up facts and sources and you will end up researching it all to see if it’s correct, wondering if you made the error or the machine.
  • Don’t get lost in playing around with prompts like “rate this headline”. It can be fun to see what ChatGPT tries to make of your original ideas but at some point, it’s the same as swiping through TikTok: you get a few chuckles but basically waste your time.
  • Don’t use ChatGPT, if you don’t need it. If you are an experienced writer and you feel fine with the text you’ve written, keep away from the AI. A text will never be perfect and there will always be critique, by humans or robots. While a sparring partner can be useful, it can be unnecessary energy-consuming as well.


ChatGPT won’t “unleash excellence”, as the headline suggests (that’s what happens when you just blindly copy-paste), but it surely can help to “elevate your writing”. It can be a valuable tool in your writing arsenal, but it should be used judiciously and as a supplement to your own skills and judgment.

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