How to prepare for the AI content tsunami

Author: Steffen Meyer, Mobile Marketing Content Specialist

Doing research with AI tools is like handing off a task to a 14-year-old intern. You need to spell out exactly what you want, and in the end, you still have to double-check everything to make sure it’s right.

But just like interns grow and become pros who eventually surpass you in your career, AI will also learn and become more dependable. And chances are, it’ll happen faster than the intern growing up!

AI may evoke a biblical content tsunami

If this development comes true, many marketers will increasingly integrate these tools into their workflows to boost productivity. But since EVERYBODY will do it, this will not only change the way the industry works but it will disrupt the market as whole.

These effects are so-called second-order effects, as Scott Brinker calls them in this highly recommended article on

In a maybe-not-so-distant-future, AI can write a typical blog post like this in a matter of seconds because it can research quicker than humans can google and it can even mimic the author’s style by analyzing past posts. At some point, the AI could get so good, it doesn’t even need an expert to check if its output is correct.

The result would be a tsunami of content that will woosh over the internet. 
The content shock from almost 10 years ago will appear like a bathtub full of water compared to the biblical Flood the AI could evoke. And marketers should wonder:

How to get on Noah’s ship?

The first thing to keep in mind is that AI will probably not only be used for production but for consumption as well. Algorithms may sort your mail, revolutionize online search and deliver just the information the user wants in a flash.

While marketers today write for content to be indexed by search machines, future marketers maybe tell AI to write in such a way that another ones AI will recommend it to its user.

This in turn means that you have to offer something, noone else does. 

This could be data, insights or expert knowledge only you have access to. The days of compiling information from other free sources could be over soon. The AI will do this anyway.

This is a chance because the AI probably won’t care if an article is at the top place of a Google Search or at place 8943. It’ll just zoom through all the data in a split second and pick out the juciest info. Long tail content could become much more accessible than today, giving lesser-known brands the chance to reach customers – as long as their data is AI-friendly.
This vision feels like the movie “Her”, in which every person has an AI to sort out their lifes. And it could come true.

From B2C to B2AI2AI2C

Producer AI’s will individualize messages as much as possible and the consumer AI’s will sift through the mountains of content and deliver a hyper-personalized experience. In the end, B2C may transform into B2AI2AI2C.

Will this disrupt the fundamentals of digital marketing as we know it? Will the customer journey turn into an AI journey? Which channels does the AI look at? Does it build up trust as well? Does it need to be made aware? And how does this work?

Get our Marketing Master Map, think about how this funnel could be adjusted to AI and tell me your ideas. If you think this is way too early to ponder on these questions, just bookmark this article and come back when the time comes. 

So long, keep reading our blog because we at Customlytics do experiment with AI and employ it in our workflows but we still let human eyes check every piece of content. 
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