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In the meantime, check out our video series to help you understand and apply the Marketing Master Map to your business! You can head back to the previous page by clicking the button, or scroll down to view the videos.

So, how does the map work?
Don't worry,
Christian will break down each section of the Marketing Master Map!

01: Customer Journey

The customer journey with its four stages is the foundation of the Marketing Master Map. Christian guides you through each of the stages in this video.

02: Advertising Strategy

In this video, Christian explains to you what advertising strategies can be used to reach specific objectives at different stages of the marketing lifecycle.

03: Channels

The next in our video series focuses on marketing channels and how to look at the bigger picture when optimizing across channels.

04: Departments

In this part, Christian shares tips on how to organize teams successfully for moving mobile users down the funnel.

05: Technologies

Last but not least, you will learn all about technologies that can support your marketing strategy at each step of the funnel.

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