Getting Started with Dynamic Product Ads: All the resources you need

Author: Linda Harnisch
Communications Lead

Dynamic product ads (DPA) are the holy grail for more personalized and targeted app marketing. 

If you own an e-commerce app, and your shop has more than one product in the inventory, dynamic advertising is the ingredient required to sell your products without spending your time optimizing individual products for individual users. Dynamic ads don’t require manual configuration, as they take product names, prices, and images directly off your feed.

If you rather not spend time creating thousands of Facebook ads for each product, have a read, listen or watch our neat compilation of resources covering everything around dynamic product ads:

Watch: Scaling eCommerce App Marketing with Dynamic Product Ads

Listen to Customlytics’ Co-Founder Christian talk about overcoming challenges in paid advertising for eCommerce apps with dynamic product ads on AppsFlyer’s MAMA board. He will walk you through what needs to be done to make the most of dynamic advertising in order to acquire new users and retarget existing users for your app. 

You will learn which technical setup is needed to run DPA and why your marketing team should start working with DPA today.


Listen: Leveraging Dynamic Product Ads to Grow Your App

Our friends at REMERGE produce a very neat podcast on all things mobile marketing. We are avid listeners and also frequent guests. 

In episode 56, Christian once again sets out to convince all of you app marketers to give dynamic product ads a go, saving time, money and scaling your growth marketing in the long run. DPA are not rocket science, yet setting them up is difficult. 

Listen up as Christian explains the process of setting up dynamic product ads from a technical perspective.


Read: Customlytics share their tips for mastering dynamic ad

Head over to the fabulous Adjust blog and learn why advertising dynamically on platforms is a must for app marketers to shift focus on technical ad infrastructure and creative improvement. 

We’ll promise, at the end of the article you will understand the benefits of your data for delivering tailored ads.

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